Reset Cardholder Account

Take control of your Reset card.

Your Reset Cardholder Account has a dashboard from which you will be able to update your details, such as your email address.

The dashboard also has links to your current qualifications, as well as information about your site logins.

If your Company is using Reset' exclusive Time Off Manager system, you will also be able to book your annual leave.

Reset Time Off Manager

Exclusive to Reset Members

Reset Time Off Manager is now available to ALL Cardholders

With Reset Time Off Manager, you are able to book your work absences as a Reset Cardholder, and then to track them with a handy calendar!

In addition, you can also see other Cardholder’s absences in your company department by using the “Cardholder View”

Click on "Time Off Manager" in the Cardholder Dashboard

Reset Compliance Systems

Reset improves and simplifies health and safety procedures for estates and facilities managers, health and safety professionals, building managers, principal and sub-contractors.

Drawing on contracting, training and safety expertise, Reset offers a range of safety-enhancing, time and cost-saving products and tools for any organisation that needs to bring third-party contractors onto their site. 

Reset Compliance Systems is a competence-verification system that saves time and resources in the process of admitting third-party contractors onto any site, ensuring compliance with HSE and CDM obligations.

Simply by checking a Reset card, companies bringing workers onto site can verify that they have all the skills and qualifications necessary, without wading through reams of paperwork. Reset ensures compliance with all legislation and HSE regulations by facilitating fully traceable checks on all contractors and their employees.

Reset also helps contractors fulfil their legal obligation to ensure their workers are fully qualified and competent to carry out their duties. For individuals working on sites, a Reset card means no more waiting around while documents are checked, and no need to carry around valuable certificates and identity documents. All an individual’s qualifications and identity data are stored centrally and securely – and can be accessed in an instant on any internet-enabled device from a single Reset card. 

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