Coronavirus Update from Reset

I fully appreciate that these are unprecedented times for the UK, and I wanted to share with you details of some of the actions that Reset has taken to ensure we can maintain our service and support to our verifiers and client sites.

Over the past few days we have fully implemented our prepared contingency plans with the bullet points as follows: -
  • Set-up of fully operational home working for around 50% of our staff
  • Introduction of flexible working hours for all staff to ‘spread’ the time spent together at work
  • Increased cleaning regime in the office to twice daily
  • Staff awareness and contingency discussions held daily
  • Cancellation of all ‘non-urgent’ face to face meetings and travel
  • No ‘non-urgent’ visitors to our offices, restricted to essential maintenance only
All will be in force for the foreseeable future.

Whilst every single one of our client sites will face enormous operational challenges right now, and none more than the hundreds of NHS sites we support, it is as important as ever to effectively use Reset to ensure that you are aware of who is on site and provide traceability for who has been.

Finally, Reset Access Terminals - obviously our terminals are touchscreen terminals. Increased cleaning and sanitising of the terminals, inline with your current procedures should be actioned without delay, paying attention to the terminal bezel as well as the touchscreen itself (cleaning advice is available if required).
Click here to find out mote about the Reset Virtual Card
Click above to find out more about the Reset Virtual Card
Over 80% of our terminals have been RFiD enabled with Reset Access Mobile and in this case, cardholders can log-in using their Reset Virtual Card App on their Smartphone, with no need to physically touch the terminal.  Cardholders should present their device to the logo (see image) on the terminal and follow the instructions on the mobile device screen.
Gary Duce
Managing Director
Reset Compliance Systems
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